Frequently Asked Questions

What is OMGCATCoin?

OMGCatCoin is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. It's writed using Solidity smart contracts programming language by using ERC20 technical standard.

What is purpose of the OMGCAT?

Firstly OMGCatCoin was created as fun and friendly cryptocurrency. By getting more popular it evolved into blockchain based homeless cat platform and digital currency where any user will be able to donate some amount of OMGCat Coins to cats or to shelters.
Also 30% of collected all ETH during ICO will be donated to animal shelter to support homeless cats.

What can I do with OMGCAT?

You support the development of the project and the reaching of its main mission - popularization of blockchain technologies and homeless cats. You can buy, sell. give, collect, HODL, transfer, donate coin or just proud of supporting of making good job. :)

Why ETH better then bitcoin?

Because It's been actually growing a lot faster and used much more than Bitcoin. Has better block time and the better technology.

How to get?

Just send some ETH to the contract address in right and you will get OMGCatCoin's in return. 1000 OMGCatCoin's or you can buy directly in ForkDelta and EtherDelta exchanges in here

What is the future of OMGCat Coin?

Hoping to be listed on crypto exchanges during 2018 years and in late 2019 years deliver blockchain based platform where any user will be able to donate coins for shelters, share cats photo and etc..

Why there is long-term ICO?

OMGCatCoin was a 100% fair launch without investment rounds. We are not planning to go a get-rich-quick-scheme quickly in month or two by creating Pre-ICO, Private ICO and 3 ICO's stages. We are planned to keep ICO for six months until 19-10-2018 so that everyone can invest. We believe that everyone/anytime can buy coins whenever they want it during whole 6 months period.

Is it SCAM?

No, This is real and planning to be long with 100% transparency.

What happen if you reach soft/hard cap?

Soft cap - we will make blockchain platform as promised

Hard cap - we will make blockchain platform and promote/advertise globally to connect whole world homeless cats shelters

What is final goal?

Build powerful blockchain based platform which will connects all OmgCatCoin investors with homeless cats shelters so that user will be able to decide into which one shelter and how much coins they wanted to donate. This will power a transparent donating-making mechanism which will ensure a trusted way of investor profit.. A member from shelter will be able to share pictures, videos and provide reports where investor money was spent.

What will you do with all ETH?

It will be divided in some parts to pay for servers, advertisment, salary and 30% of all colected ETH will be donated to support homeless cats shelters. Moreover we are planing for expanding into some exchanges to increase buyers coins value.


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